12 Unbelievably Shameful Times Video Games Tried To Be Sexy

4. Dead Or Alive 5's New "Jiggle Physics" & Private Paradise Mode

Dead Or Alive Xtreme 2

Y'know what? In a way you've just gotta love the way Tecmo handled the increased outcry against their once-controversial "jiggle physics" in Dead or Alive.

Since the first game every female's bosoms have flown around the screen like two rats trying to escape a t-shirt, but come Last Round... they doubled-down.

Demonstrations of all-new tech that made boobs more bouncy and gelatinous that ever were online, all as a new mode where waggling your controller also controlled boobs directly was showcased.

To unlock this "OMG" setting you had to lose 10 times using 10 different female characters (one hell of a metaphor for what was happening, if ever there was one), but where it got straight-up depressing was the Private Paradise mode.

Essentially Last Round's take on the photo modes from Beach Volleyball, you can pick costumes before using sliders to toggle the amount of sweat and dirt on your character of choice, before watching them crawl around and perform for you.

Literally a mode just for masturbation. Totally acceptable, sure... but holy crap.

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