12 Video Games That Will Change How You See The World

Helping you understand everything better than reality ever could.

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Games can give you the chance to live in worlds you could only imagine, be someone you wish you could be, or do crazy things you would never dare - sometimes all three. Gaming is liberating, simply because it can be the perfect escape from reality.

That is, until game developers start breaking the fourth wall and start messing with our minds...

As graphics become more realistic, gaming engines more substantial and storylines more complex, video games have begun straying from the Hollywood “good vs evil” approach, and are forcing us to see the blurred lines of reality.

We face moral choices and devastating consequences. Permanent death in certain titles makes us react in a 'real' way, rather than the all-guns-blazing, laissez-faire approach we have become accustomed to in survival games. Then, every so often, we get a great big fat philosophical quandary thrown at us and our brains melt out our ears, forever changing us in the process.

Here are 12 games that ask us big questions, changing the way we see the world forever.


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