15 Most Overrated Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

15. Batman: Arkham City

batman arkham city

Look what you've done Arkham City; one minute Batman was having a lovely time strolling through Arkham Asylum - broodily figuring out the best way to avoid becoming Joker-flambé - and now he's bombing about Gotham in a Batmo-tank, destroying so many buildings you'd swear he was trying to finish Bane's plan from The Dark Knight Rises.

Arkham City was the point where Rocksteady tried their best to think of how the original corridor-crawling parts of Asylum would transfer to an open-world structure - before then placing a series of corridor-crawling parts in an open world.

It lost the immediacy and tone of Asylum in the process, opened with a narrative about how Doctor Strange knew Batman's identity but went nowhere, and post-credit roll couldn't provide you with a suitable way to finish all the side missions short of literally scouring every nook and cranny - despite you being The World's Greatest Detective.

Suddenly the Arkham series was irrevocably changed, and although it found an audience of fans that positively loved the free-form approach to missions, the original remains a more focussed and tighter experience in every regard.

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