16 Insanely Underrated PS4 Exclusives You Must Play

The PS4's exclusives club is getting HUGE.

Let it die
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R.I.P. Xbox One. Cause of death? A complete lack of vital software, the ability to play all major exclusives on a PC, and the fact the PS4 is just so far ahead in every respect, it's not even funny.

You can't say we didn't see it coming. Since that very first day we laid eyes on it, Microsoft made a categorical, fundamental mistake with the Xbox One, releasing a TV and voice activation-focused system for a marketplace that just wanted more of the immaculate Xbox 360. Ease of use, array of attention-grabbing exclusives, smooth online services and lightning-quick system updates - all things that Sony couldn't deliver on the PS3, but have subsequently nailed on the PS4.

At time of writing there's not a single system-selling Xbox One exclusive already out or on the horizon, proving that all major developers and publishers looking to do anything platform-exclusive have shifted their focus over to Camp Sony. Yes, the majority of third-party stuff parlays with both companies, but it's not until you take a step back and realise just how genuinely chasmic the divide between the two console's libraries are, that it'll hit home how much this generation is a win of epic proportions for Team PlayStation.

Speaking of which, there are enough underrated and overlooked gems on the PS4, that continue to run circles around any triple-A Xbox One exclusive. It's that simple.

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