6 Video Games Guilty Of Ripping Off Their Player Bases

Digital slum lords are charging real rent for pretend apartments.

Linden Lab

With real life becoming increasingly worrisome, more and more gamers are choosing to live out an alternate fantasy existence online. Many have even already taken to residing in grand castles or working as space-faring super soldiers, Ready Player One-style.

But this great exodus to the internet has created a new breed of profession: the digital slum lord. These unscrupulous types charge extortionate rates to the poor players who're just trying to add the finishing touches to their virtual space palaces.

It's not just mobile game developers betting on their players' willingness to make occasional throwaway purchases either - these are people in the big leagues taking as much as they can. Unless you're an oil baron or a high-flying business tycoon, the most expensive offerings will be several hundred times beyond your budget. For regular folk, even comparatively inexpensive purchases can leave a dent.

The gross profiteering of this sub-genre has caused more than a few players to remortgage their homes. The rest just glumly come to realise that even their online fantasy life will involve sleeping in a cramped apartment.

If you're still considering the move, be wary of these games that cash in big on escapist fantasies.

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