8 Upcoming Video Games You Are NOT Ready For

7. Die By The Blade

die by the blade

When you first pick up Die By The Blade you might find that your initial battles might be over in the blink of an eye, as this game's central motif of "you die in one hit" makes for contests that reward surprise attacks and pressuring your opponent, and trust me you'll never be truly ready for a showdown to end with your character getting a blade to the gut one second in.

This upcoming indie title, developed by Kwalee adopts a gameplay style familiar to anyone old enough to have played the Bushido Blade titles, but in addition to this extreme and sudden violence, is a counter and block system that adds a much welcomed sense of depth. By adopting high, medium or low stances you'll be able to not only attack your opponent from different angles but also block incoming attacks from those same heights. Add in a dash and roll mechanic, as well as the ability to taunt your opponent to draw out attacks and you've got a title that can be over in a flash or drawn out into blockbuster movie like setpieces.

After that initial shock that literally nobody is ready for first time around, you'll find a game that rewards patience and punishing your opponents mistakes, turning this into a game of cat and mouse that will always end in surprise for either you or your foe.


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