8 Upcoming Video Games You Are NOT Ready For


die by the blade

In the current gaming landscape, it's very easy to become a little jaded thanks to the constant deluge of battle royale rip offs, microtransaction-laden "games as a live service titles" and annualized sports franchise releases, and you may end up feeling like you've seen it all before.

And while that might be the underlying (and rather depressing truth) there are pockets of the industry that are still brimming with new and exciting potential.

Within these small communities of inspiration, you'll find titles that offer sorbet-like experiences to wash away the tacky gruel of the Triple-A sphere, and best of all, a fair few of these are just on the horizon waiting to drop into your lap over the next year or so.

So gather round as we try our best to brace ourselves for the strange, the different, and altogether new experiences about to hit our screens. Although spoiler warning, a lot of these you are simply not ready for.

8. Deceive Inc.

die by the blade
Sweet Bandits Studios

If there's one thing that players will simply not be ready for whilst playing the upcoming F-Spy-S title Deceive Inc., it's that everyone present within the games sprawling levels and even inanimate objects present throughout the game could potentially be another player waiting to cap them in the back of the dome.

In short, it's a game that plays like a drawn-out heart attack. Fun right?!

To better explain Deceive Inc. is a title that throws players into a psychedelic-clad spy mission where the objective is to capture an object and escape undetected. However there's just one catch, because Deceive Inc. sends multiple spies on missions to make sure everything goes to plan, things all go to hell when it's revealed that only one spy will be able to pick up the payment. What results is a razor-wire tense experience where you must use stealth, disguises, and good old-fashioned gunslinging in order to claim the booty without becoming a bounty.

You might venture into this game thinking you've got a cool head and super-spy level of suave, but trust me after just a few rounds you'll be left a nervous wreck, unsure if that plant pot was in the same place the last time you swept through the area. It would explain the laughing.


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