8 Video Game Heroes That Refuse To Do What You Tell Them

Been listening to Rage Against the Machine, have we??

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If there's one thing that's sure to piss off gamers all across the globe, it's releasing a video game that doesn't quite feel right to play.

Whether it's incredibly inaccurate gunplay or platforming that feels too slidey or loose, bad input recognition can completely derail the immersion and overall quality of the experience. After all, it definitely takes you out of the experience somewhat when you can't even hit the bad guys with your wondrous mythical weapon of legend.

However, even worse than this are the rare examples of a game that mechanically has all the right controls and responses, but features video game protagonists that simply refuse to do what you tell them!

You'd think that the player/protagonist team dynamic was a well established one that benefits both parties, but for some reason or another these heroes haven't got time to listen to the direct orders you're giving them.

The examples on this list seem to have been listening to a bit of the old Rage Against The Machine, as when asked kindly to grab an item or head to a new location they responded with "F*ck you I won't do what you tell me!"


8. Lester The Unlikely

Mass effect jack
Visual Concepts

To be clear, I loathe Lester The Unlikely.

Not the game, which is at times very funny and a pretty well-constructed romp for the most part, but the character of Lester himself. For a start, his reason for going on this adventure in the first place resulted from him feeling a little bit sleepy after reading some comics down at the dock (as you do). Yet this terrible introduction pales in comparison to how the bastard actually plays.

Or more specifically, how he refuses to play along.

Is there an enemy in front of you? Well best be prepared to see Lester refuse to go near it and wrestle control away from the player as he runs away. Is the ledge slightly too high?

Don't worry, Lester will let you know constantly as he whimpers and whines before taking an arduously long time to climb down. It's an utter chore to fight against a character who doesn't want to be a hero and it's even worse when he constantly overrides the player's inputs to be an utter coward.

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