8 Weirdest Video Game Boss Battles Of All Time!

Sorry. What The Hell Are You?!

Mara Shin Megami

Boss battles are a staple of the video game experience, that is something which very few would try and challenge, and even fewer video games that actively go against this well-worn trope, and you know what? There's little better than blasting apart a big bad that's been hounding you throughout the game, or the feeling of standing victorious over them as you revel in victory.

Still, as you might expect from an industry filled with titles that need to delve further and further into the odd and extreme to even be noticed, there are some video games that take this formula and shove a ghost chilli pepper right up where the sun doesn't shine to make something truly spicy.

Such are the games on this list, that didn't just plonk another big lad in armour down or a generic baddy with a #coolguy scar on their faces who spouts enough nonsense that he could get a gig working for us, no no, these games went one step further, and that step was off the rails and into the abyss of insanity.

Brace yourself, as things are about to get weird.

8. Joe Head Joe - Skullmonkeys

Mara Shin Megami

So we kick off this list with what amounts to a fever dream toe punting reality in the face, as it's time to leap off into insanity and talk about Skullmonkeys' Joe Head Joe.

Now let it be known, Skullmonkeys is not your nan's Sunday lunch of a video game, it's off the wall in its tamest of moments and thoroughly loves chucking fantastical and often nightmarish images at the player all set within its brilliantly designed claymation-esque world. The plot, or what little of the plot makes sense, is that Klogg, the original villain from the first title in the series Neverhood, has crash-landed on a new, even stranger planet and has now enslaved the local populace to help him build a doomsday machine. Needless to say, it's not rainbow rhythms and he needs to be sternly slapped in the chops.

Yet it's not a simple road from A to B for our hero Klaymen, and blocking his path are the likes of Monkey Mage, a weird insectoid warrior, and of course Joe Head Joe, a furry bodied being with a skull on top who possess the face of one of the game's designers Joseph Sanabria, and if that wasn't weird enough, Joe Head Joe smashes his own eyeballs out to attack you as well as burping bubbles in your general direction.

Weird doesn't even cut it when it comes to this game.

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