8 Worst Video Game Mission Types Done RIGHT

7. Timed Missions - Mile High Club - Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

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No matter who we are or what we do, we all must bow to Time itself.

As depressing as it is we will all wither and die at some point (unless robotic housing is invented and then say hello to THE MECHA-EGG) and as such our time on this Earth is very precious indeed, quite why we choose to fill it with so many video games is another talking point, but fill them we do, in an effort to make our short existence as enjoyable as possible.

Therefore it's a bit of a protracted heart attack when video game missions impose strict time limits on certain sections as now not only are we trying to complete a task but have an angry-faced clock breathing down our very necks! It makes every mistake you make carry extra weight and can even ruin an attempt entirely, and if there's one thing that most players hate it's playing perfectly with the added pressure of failure wasting their own time.

However in some instances the laws of time and space bend and compress to give us a level that is both strict with its time limit but so much fun to play that you'll willingly waste hours upon it. Enter Mile High Club from COD4 which is an adrenaline rush of bullets and baddies, and one that carries with it timer counting down relentlessly in the corner.

On harder difficulties, you will need the perfect run, but it's one many are willing to try over and over thanks to its short overall runtime and relentless pace.


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