9 Things NO Video Game Can Get Right

*Tries to pause cutscene and skips instead* "... every time."

Square Enix games.

I've loved them for over 30 years, and whether it's going back to the awkward controls of DOOM 64 for the sake of trying one of the weirdest FPS' of the 90s, or giving something as overlooked as Batman: Arkham Origins another chance (seriously, it's awesome if you want a tide-over until Arkham Legacy), I'll try my best to drink it all in eventually.

However, having seen the industry grow from 2D to 3D, HD to 4K, that exponential increase in rendering power, hardware and control schemes highlights how some issues have become cross-generational - even going back multiple decades.

And honestly, the more these things repeat, the more baffling it becomes.

With the dawn of constantly connected games where developers can literally monitor our every move, even something like Assassin's Creed Black Flag saw Ubisoft treat the player base as one giant consumer feedback form, asking what you thought of mission types after each one concluded.

Add on the reality of social media and our combined online presence - where hashtags focus fandoms for better or worse - and there's no shortage of places to look, to see what needs to happen going forward.

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