9 Ways Video Games Humiliated You For Being Bad At Them

9. Serious Sam 2's Tourist Mode Makes You A Baby

Serious Sam

Serious Sam 2's Tourist Mode is easier than easy, designed to remove as much challenge as possible from the game bar simply straight up removing the enemies and letting you run to the end of each level. It'll make you hit harder, extend your health (and allow it to regenerate), and reduce the enemy types on screen, and the only real drawback is that it doesn't allow you to rocket jump.

While that doesn't sound all that humiliating, upon choosing this mode, you're treated to an image of your character, Serious Sam himself, looking far from intimidating. That's because this difficulty puts him in a pink bonnet, as well as a pacifier to shut him up, like the big baby both Sam and you are.

After that, you have to play the rest of the game knowing that some of the enemy types probably didn't show up because you're nothing more than a joke to them.


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