9 Ways Video Games Humiliated You For Being Bad At Them

Sometimes, even the DEVELOPERS mock you for not gettin' gud.

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Video games have come a long way from being entirely focused on challenge. Back in the glory days of the arcades, a title's difficulty was pretty much essential in getting as many quarters out of a player as possible, inspiring that 'one more go' mentality that not only made for fun victories but, most importantly, inspired people to part with their cash.

Since moving away from that mentality and into the realm of more cinematic experiences, games have progressively gotten easier, with there being very few negative consequences to dying.

There are of course major releases out there that thrive on the classic gaming challenge of getting good - be it Super Meat Boy, Ninja Gaiden or any of FromSoftware's games - but they're not as ubiquitous as they used to be.

However, perhaps because games are easier than they've ever been, developers have less patience for you being bad at them. Whether you're dying too often, needing to look for hints to help you progress, or simply choosing the easiest difficulty, these developers all had creative ways of making you feel bad for sucking.


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