Anthem: 15 Tips & Tricks The Game Doesn't Tell You

3. The Colossus' THREE Unique Shield Moves

Anthem Game Colossus Shield

The Ranger, Interceptor and Storm all come with dash animations on their circle/B buttons, but the Colossus? It plays completely differently.

Tapping circle/B instead brings up your shield, and it has three great uses:

1. You can put your shield up in full flight, closing the distance on an enemy turret or distracting platoons of enemies by soaring right through unscathed.

2. Hit triangle/Y after holding your shield up on the ground to do a charged bash - great for pushing back against larger foes or scattering teams in one go.

3. Whilst you can't use your weapons when the shield is up, you can use your Javelin's abilities. Get in close, equip the shield and bust out everything from missile barrages to flamethrowers, knowing you can't be hit in return. This is the best way to take out the various laser-targeting turrets that often dog high-level combat encounters.

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