Batman: Arkham Knight - 12 Details In The Trailers You Totally Missed

12. A New Commissioner?

In the 'Evening the Odds' trailer, there are at least two references to ongoing elections for a new police commissioner in Gotham City. As most of us know, the Commish (as Detective Bullock would always call him) is one of Batman's greatest allies, Jim Gordon. With elections ongoing, is Gordon about to retire, or is there something else going on in the police department? Perhaps in the wake of Arkham City, where criminals were left to rot in the old quarter of Gotham and everything spiraled out of control, public opinion of Gordon and the police department has dropped dramatically. It certainly sounds plausible; Arkham City and the Asylum are now both gone and the police department had absolutely no control over what Hugo Strange was plotting, but that doesn't mean the public won't blame Jim for an all-out criminal riot and massacre in their city. This, in turn, throws up greater questions about Jim's role in Arkham City. Is he still the commissioner? Does he even still work for the police? Given that the city is completely abandoned as a result of Scarecrow's biological fear toxin threat, could he have perhaps stayed behind to redeem himself in the eyes of the public and help Batman along the way?

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