Can You Name The Final Fantasy Boss From One Image?

From Ozma to Sephiroth.

Square Enix

The Final Fantasy franchise is known for its epic, sprawling story, loveable cast of quirky characters and, of course, its many hundreds of boss fights ranging from the thrilling to the infuriating.

With so many bosses in the mix, though, you can be forgiven for forgetting some of their names, yet perhaps the multiple-choice nature of this quiz might jog your memory.

Sticking mainly to the "modern" franchise entries from Final Fantasy VII onward - with a retro surprise or two - can you tell the insignificant opening boss apart from the statuesque final boss? Better still, can you name those insane superbosses you were left stumped by for hours?

Only the most hardcore Final Fantasy fans will get even close to 100% on this quiz, which will test your knowledge of contemporary Final Fantasy lore to its limit. Were you really paying attention, or have most of the bosses just blurred together in your mind?

The answers, as always, are at the end. Good luck!

1. Which Boss Is It?

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