E3 2016: Norman Reedus Confirmed For Hideo Kojima's PS4 Game, Death Stranding

So THAT's what they've been working on...

norman reedus death stranding
Kojima Productions

Remember P.T.? Remember Silent Hills? Hell, remember Konami? All three rocked our socks off before the latter went a bit crazy and moved away from the industry almost entirely, but star of the Silent Hill reboot, Norman Reedus, has now popped up yet again, starring as the main character in Hideo Kojima's first post-Metal Gear Solid game.

Death Stranding is its name, and honestly, it's the beautiful, ridiculous result of what happens when a creative mind gets given a few million dollars and the mandate of "Just do whatever you want."

The footage available - which is apparently all rendered in-game - shows Reedus cradling an infant child, crying for quite some time, being covered in mysterious handprints, discovering an oily substance on his hands, and then watching some flying entities float towards him.


As you do.


So it's all very Kojima - we knew that going in. The really cool part is just how awesome it is to see these two working together again, considering the momentum-killer that was Silent Hills getting the shaft at the start of 2015.



What do you make of the footage? Let us know in the comments if you're excited, and if you know just what the hell is going on!

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