Every February 2020 Video Game - Ranked By Anticipation

Platinum Games, zombies sharks, and a major PS4-exclusive finally gets a release.


Whilst our new decade is firing on all cylinders when it comes to new consoles being developed, the game release slate has been in a quiet holding pattern since late 2019.

This is due to many major studios focusing their powers on next generation technology, not to mention, us gamers being hit by a video game release slate mass delay, aka The Delay-apocalypse.

The month of February was originally meant to see the release of The Last of Us: Part 2, likely one of the most anticipated game titles of this console generation, yet that's been pushed back to May.

Add to that list another PS4-exclusive, Marvel's Iron Man VR, which got delayed from this month also to May. We can't forget Ubisoft's delicious-looking Gods and Monsters that got a push to autumn.

It's unfortunate those titles have taken the wind out this month's release slate since there are a lot of titles to get excited.

We have some tight Metroidvania action titles, a couple of cult classics making their return, and (another) massively anticipated PS4-exclusive finally getting a release.


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