Ranking Every Xbox One Exclusive From Worst To Best

17. Crimson Dragon

Grounding Inc

Two critical mistakes doomed Crimson Dragon, spiritual successor to Sega's lauded Panzer Dragoon series, to commercial failure before it even launched alongside Microsoft's then shiny new Xbox One.

Not only was the on-rails shooter meant, as all launch titles are, to showcase the power of Microsoft's new hardware, but also prove Kinect's continued worth as a device fit for anything other than gimmicky, casual interactions.

Originally primed as an Xbox 360 title and repurposed as a One launch exclusive, Crimson Dragon's visuals failed to deliver - a fault only exacerbated by Crytek's gloriously detailed Ryse: Son of Rome - and its Kinect-only control scheme scrapped in favour of traditional gamepad controls.

The latter was functional at best and, coupled with its bland, repetitive mission structure, saw to Crimson Dragon's swift death.


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