We've Had International Women's Day, Now It's Mario Day

Send fire flowers.

Super Mario Day

Many Catholic countries celebrate the concept of a 'Name Day', basically an extra birthday for those who happen to be named for a saint. If that date is also your actual birthday, well, jackpot.

Not surprisingly, Italy - technically* home to more popes than any other country on Earth (two at last count) - is one of them. More surprisingly, there's no San Mario - and so no giorno dedicated to the peninsula's prototypical pre-name.

Unless you pray at the Church of Nintendo, that is, who've contrived the most tenuous excuse possible to turn March 10 into a promotional parade for their pasta-loving plumber.

MAR10, quite aside from being the license plate Ninty's mascot would have if he part-ex'd his cart and started driving a BMW in the middle lane like a t*sser, is also a vague cipher for 'MARIO'. Apparently that's reason enough.

So how are the company celebrating this most august of holidays? Well, you can make the mustachioed one your icon on Google Maps, for a start. They also released this little video:

Spectacular stuff.

How will you be celebrating the big occasion? Another excuse (as though one was needed) to play through Super Mario Bros. 3 again? Or by doing absolutely nothing, because it's patently ridiculous? Let us know, and have a fun but responsible Mario Day!


* Yes, the Vatican City, we know.

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