You'll NEVER Get 100% On This Star Wars: The Old Republic Quiz

The ultimate quiz for SWTOR players. How well do you know your lore?


From the late 2000's through the early 2010's, MMORPG's were the hottest ticket in town. From Conan, to Star Trek, to Lord Of The Rings, everyone was getting in on the action.

Of course it spiralled out of control and only a few could keep it together enough to last to today. And even then, there's only one of them that any incredibly large number of people are still playing:

Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Essentially the third game in Bioware and Obsidian's seminal Knights Of The Old Republic series, this MMO takes place years after those two games, but centuries before The Phantom Menace. Meaning it has its own lore, characters, stories, and a whole lot else to call its own.

But even if you're an avid player, how much do you remember about this MMO?

From game mechanics, to obscure lore, to specific story beats, you'll really have to know your stuff if you wanna 100% this Star Wars: The Old Republic quiz.

May the force be with you, and if you use Wookiepedia, we will be VERY disappointed in you.

1. Who Is The Jedi Knight's Master?

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