10 21st Century Rock/Metal Albums That Never Got A Sequel

9. Box Car Racer - Box Car Racer

In 2001, pop punk legends Blink-182 wrote and recorded the seminal soundtrack to adolescence Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, during which, vocalist and guitarist Tom DeLonge got “bummed out” from writing about skateboarding, awkward dates and general high school drama, and felt like he needed a fresh outlet from the group. Never intending for such songs to see the light of day, his notes eventually became the side project Box Car Racer, enlisting Blink drummer Travis Barker and Over My Dead Body guitarist David Kennedy.

BCR was indeed a much darker band than DeLonge and Barker’s main hustle, describing the end of the world over a Fugazi-inspired post-hardcore sound. While the 2003 self-titled debut has achieved something of a cult status in the years since, Box Car Racer has drawn some ire, owing to it being the reason behind Blink’s demise in 2005.

Blink’s bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus was very upset over his exclusion from the project, and despite DeLonge shutting it down in 2003, tensions continued to simmer between the two over the following years, ultimately boiling over and dissolving the band.

DeLonge and Barker almost brought BCR back in 2021, but ultimately, have decided to rework the material into the next Blink-182 album.


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