10 Albums That Killed Artists' Careers

8. Two Against Nature - Steely Dan

Steely Dan deserves all the respect in the world for the innovations they brought to the music industry. Sure, some of their records seem like they should be played on a chartered yacht, but they also featured some of the greatest performances in pop history as well as some of the most well-produced songs of the era. The band were essential to the golden age of the '70s, but it was a much different story when stepping into the next millennium.

After years of being apart, dual masterminds Walter Becker and Donald Fagen finally met up again and started working on tunes for Two Against Nature. With fans waiting with baited breath, the result was some of the most lifeless songs of the band's career, combined with performances that made the band look like the boring yacht rockers they had been accused of being.

This record also stands as a colossal screw-up for the Grammy Awards, who awarded this bland piece of yacht rock Album of the Year over giants like Eminem and Radiohead's Kid A. Becker and Fagen may have thought they were working against the grain at the time, but Two Against Nature will probably be remembered for its undeserved accolades than the actual music inside.

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