10 Albums That The Critics Got Wrong

The Art of Bad Taste.

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The entire music press tend to be a bit too smug for your average listener. Since all they have are a few big words and a lot of opinions, what business do these guys have on giving their two cents on all of our favorite artists? Well, on the rare occasion, there are those moments where those suits royally drop the ball.

Whether it was just some shoddy workmanship or not getting the point at all, some albums that are considered masterpieces were soooo not given the time of day when they were released. Even though they may seem like solid gold now, you would have thought that they were the death of music when compared to the sloggings they were getting in the press. It does go both ways though.

Over the years, the snobbier set of music critics have put out heaping praise for artists that either turned into flash in the pans or straight up terrible albums. Either way, these guys look super behind the times when you go and look back at what they decided to put in print. Just be careful when you're stating your opinion on this kind of stuff...because it's there for eternity.

10. Kick Out the Jams - MC5

Towards the end of the '60s, rock and roll was just starting to get a bit more chaotic. Even though the Rolling Stones and the Beatles already had some ideas as far as the darker side of rock was concerned, the stuff coming from the mean streets of the US were giving the genre its real teeth. Or if you're the MC5, just giving rock a bad name in the critic's eyes.

Although Kick Out the Jams is by no means a critic's dream, the abrasive sounds of garage rock were just being forged here, with the title track alone earning a spot as one of the greatest rock songs of all time. Back in the day though, critics were popping a monocle a minute at this live record, even going so far as to use words like "chaotic" as if they were insults to the band.

For as much as the early critics of rock despised heavy metal, calling this a failure feels super snooty nowadays, when later bands like Guns N Roses were pulling from the MC5's playbook in terms of the more manic side of rock and roll. This may have been the building blocks of hard rock, but maybe it arrived before many of us were actually willing to listen.

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