10 Albums That The Critics Got Wrong

9. RAM - Paul McCartney

When the Beatles broke up, it was inevitable that every member's solo work was going to be compared to what they did together. I mean, you don't just get to become one of the biggest bands in the world and then start at ground zero all over again. Although some very choice words have been said about John Lennon's abstract art pieces with Yoko Ono, the real vitriol was saved for when Macca went country on RAM.

Looking to move away from the polish that he had been known for on his Beatles masterpieces, this entire album is a much more rustic turn towards rock, with songs like Heart of the Country sounding like they should be belted out by John Denver. Even though the critics themselves were harsh in their assessment of Paul and his wife Linda's contributions, the real venom came from his former bandmates, with Ringo Starr saying that he couldn't even pick one good song on the record.

As with most things McCartney though, Paul was actually far more ahead of the curve than he may have realized, setting the stage for the indie boom a few years later and RAM earning itself a spot on the recent revamp of Rolling Stone's Greatest Albums of All Time. Now that's the glow-up we love to see.

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