10 Albums That Will Make You Love Emo

Rockers With Hearts On Their Sleeves.

Panic At The Disco

Not every rock album that comes out is about making you feel tough while you’re listening to it. Despite the macho connotations, this is still using music to help you heal from traumatic times, and not every band has to necessarily get angry to get their point across. Sometimes it just comes down to wearing your emotions on your sleeve, and every one of these bands have had to put themselves through the emotional ringer for their art.

As much as the term emo may be a little too dramatic for people to throw around these days, the early days of the genre had some of the most cathartic music that the rock scene had when the ‘00s rolled around. Going through every single one of these albums though, every band seemed to approach the term ‘emo’ in their own distinct way, either making for something that was more mellow with their hearts on their sleeve or making something sound larger than life with some more morbid topics thrown into the mix.

There’s never an easy way to balance both of them, but when they work, they aren’t going to leave your heart any time soon. If anything, these albums have seemed to grow in stature with age, taking the basis of what emo could be and making something much more potent out of it. It might seem depressing, but it’s at least nice to know someone else is going through it with you.

10. Deja Entendu - Brand New

Once the '00s kicked in, emo started to get into its more bratty tendencies. Even though bands had been around since the '80s kicking down the door for what the genre was supposed to be, this was the era where it exclusively started to become a punchline in pop culture, with people catering to the Hot Topic brand of tortured teenager who listened to the likes of The Cure and Fall Out Boy. Underneath all of the fringe though, there was still some legitimate pain beyond everything.

Although Deja Entendu has carried a bit of a mixed legacy because of certain band members' misbehavior, the songs on here still hold up as prime pieces of angst from an emotionally confused teenager. While the screaming is still here in spades, the lyrics behind this one are what really set it apart, talking about the fleeting nature of death and how hard it is to make an honest connection with those around you.

As much as some of this might have seemed melodramatic back in the day, the core behind this record has actually been able to help people out of their own angst, giving them a sort of outlet to express their pain and move on with their lives. There were countless bands that may have just wanted to air their dirty laundry, but it's sometimes better to keep the blood in your head than taking it all out on yourself.

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