10 Albums That Will Make You Love Garage Rock Music

9. Here Are the Sonics - The Sonics

The Monks weren't the only ones looking to go against the grain in the '60s though. As the Summer of Love started to sweep across the land, there was another side of that coin that was looking to capture something that was a lot more abrasive than what people like the Dave Clark Five were giving us. The Sonics may have come out of that older rock and roll scene, but their songs had a lot more bombast than what you saw coming from California.

You see, these guys were born and bred a little bit north in Seattle, and the songs that they played really do sound like it. Though the Rainy City never gained too much exposure in the mainstream until the grunge wave took over in the '90s, you can at least hear the seeds of that kind of style on here. While not branching out from bluesy rockers all that often, songs like the Witch have a certain demented quality behind them, with Gerry Roslie sounding like he's trying to rip his larynx apart as he's singing.

If anything, this just feels like what some of those grunge bands may have sounded like if they had been born a few years earlier. No matter what kind of genre they fall under, this is the kind of wild music that was giving the blues boom over in England a run for its money. Not quite punk, but still an off the walls good time.


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