10 Albums That Will Make You Love Garage Rock Music

8. The White Stripes - The White Stripes

One of the biggest factors of garage rock is being able to take all of the basics elements of music and turn it into something larger than you. It may sound crazy to just make your album with this kind of DIY aesthetic in the age of Pro Tools, but there was still room for the more fundamentalist version of rock and roll to creep in. And when Jack White struck out with his "sister" Meg, this was about as fundamental as it gets.

Before any of Jack's over-eccentric sides came out, The White Stripes' debut is one of the most primitive rock records to come out of the garage rock revival scene. Across every song, you can tell that Jack has carefully constructed everything to be as simple as possible, never straying from old blues tropes like covering Robert Johnson's Stop Breaking Down or some songs that just have three riffs over the course of a few minutes.

That's the magic behind what Jack always was about. In this stage, it was about taking those first few chords that you learn when you're just picking up a guitar and being able to make something classic from them. Looking back on where they went from here on albums like Icky Thump, hearing this barebones structure to everything is just further evidence of what the White Stripes stood for. The grunge wave had died and nu metal was starting to get a little too stupid, so we needed someone to come on the scene to help us get over ourselves.


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