10 Albums That Will Make You Love Prog Rock

9. Hounds of Love - Kate Bush

Most of the greatest prog rock out there is normally indebted to classical music in one form or another. Those musicians always loved their orchestras, and it would make sense for bands that write complicated songs to make something that would sound well against a full symphony. And while Hounds of Love is very much on the baroque side of things, the character behind this project feels more rock than anything else Kate Bush would ever make.

From the sheer size of the production, Kate was definitely going for something a lot more lofty this time around, with grand orchestral pieces that make you feel like you're floating on air when you're listening to them. While the individual songs like Cloudbusting could rank among the absolute best that the genre has to offer, this isn't just any old baroque pop album. Kate's got a story to tell, and the back half of this project is an experience unto itself.

Bearing a different title of The Ninth Wave, the entire second side of this record opens up like a full sonic opera, as Kate imagines herself being lost at sea and eventually finding some sort of refuge she can towards the end of the album's run. While most prog bands are used to making albums that take you on a journey, this is one of the few albums that makes you feel like you're watching a theatre production without actually paying for a ticket.

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