10 Albums That You Need To Listen To More Than Once

9. A Thousand Suns - Linkin Park

Towards the mid '00s, not many nu metal bands were able to pull off what Linkin Park had done. After albums like Meteora and Hybrid Theory set the standard for what the whiny-white boy flavor of rock could do, Minutes to Midnight saw them shedding their skin for a more alternative leaning approach, which brought them even more mainstream attention. If fans thought that was bad, just wait until you here the virtual abyss that they made with A Thousand Suns.

Across this album, many rock fans were right to be worried about a lack of crunch, with most of the guitars being replaced with ambient breakdowns and interludes that segued one track into another. Although this kind of thing made the album feel jagged at the beginning, the bits and pieces that we actually had may be some of the most intriguing pieces of Linkin Park we've ever seen.

Aside from the obvious shift in style, the storyline of nuclear war fits perfectly within this glitchy maze, almost as if you're on the street as some global revolution is about to get underway. Even some of the more downtempo moments like Robot Boy work nicely when offset by caustic noise like Blackout and When They Come For Me. Above all else, this is the kind of album that showed us that Linkin Park was still in there and had only begun to impress us.

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