10 Albums That You Need To Listen To More Than Once

8. The Masterplan - Oasis

When it comes to an artists' body of work, the compilation album doesn't really seem to hold that much water. After all, since you usually save your best stuff for the single material and the proper albums, why the hell would we waste our time with songs that didn't make the cut? Then again, you sometimes get bands like Oasis with B-sides that could go toe to toe with any other band's single cuts.

Across just 14 tracks, the Masterplan is a surprisingly cohesive listen for being just a handful of odds and ends taken from the band's singles over the years. Following up the dumpster fire that was Be Here Now, the sheer existence of this thing feels like the band were trying to undergo course correction on themselves for boring their audiences silly on the last outing.

For as much as this should feel like a copy and paste job, there's a stunningly nice flow to all of these songs, from the pure bombast of something like Acquiesce and Fade Away to the more mellow and slowtempo songs that you get on the back half like Listen Up and the title track. Noel Gallagher may have hit a slump towards the end of the '90s when writing classic songs, but when you have to save something like this from appearing on the album, you still have a lot of good material on your hands.

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