10 Albums We Waited An Eternity To Get

The Long Awaited Tunes.


No musician in the world is safe from creative burnout. With managers and record labels treating you like a well-oiled machine, it's perfectly understandable for an artist to take a step back from their usual cycle of albums. So the fans wait... and wait... and wait some more.

Though we shouldn't fault these acts for not wanting to make a half-hearted release, it gets a bit tedious watching some of the greatest musicians in the world not put any material out while still in their prime. Granted, some other factors can play into this, whether it be the strained relationships between the band members or even breaking up, but it doesn't make the wait any less excruciating. When the actual time comes though, fans absolutely lose their minds.

So these albums must be great right? Well... time also takes its toll on the artists too. If you don't keep up your trademark abilities over a long stretch of time, you tend to lose the greatness you once had. But when you come back and win, it feels like you're watching the birth of an entirely new band. Let's take a look at these long-anticipated albums and see whether they were worth the wait or not.

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