10 Albums We Waited An Eternity To Get

10. Hardwired to Self-Destruct - Metallica

Wait: 8 Years

Out of all the fantastic metal bands of the '80s, Metallica have had the most unstable discography of any of their peers. The shift in quality between something like The Black Album and St. Anger is so drastic that watching the band fluctuate is entertaining in and of itself. However, the prolonged stretch in between releases has been more than some fans can handle.

After half a decade, the band released Death Magnetic, which took them back to familiar thrash territory, but where did they go from there? Thanks to constant touring and strenuous writing sessions, Hardwired to Self Destruct was built up for almost a decade before finally seeing a worldwide release. With sessions delayed due to scheduling conflicts and Kirk Hammett losing his riff log on his phone, the band were back to the drawing board with Hammett only contributing solos rather than any real songwriting ideas.

As such, this double album tends to feel like a James Hetfield-led affair, with the rest of the band struggling to play catch-up. Though what's on display is the best the band has sounded in years, its length ends up making the entire experience feel like a mixed bag rather than a free flowing record. This may have been far from their classic material, but given their position as of late, this is probably the greatest material the band has had to offer in some time.

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