10 Amazing Artists That Only Have One Album

Getting Out Fast.

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Every rock band that's cutting their teeth is looking to be in it for the long haul. Regardless of how much competition you have in your wake, you've got your eyes set on being a legendary artist who can write songs that people will sing back to you for years. Then again, sometimes fate can only take you so far in the music industry.

For one reason or another, each of these artists managed to only release one album before deciding to call it a day. While you could easily just blame it on getting lost in the shuffle, most of these guys were content with just leaving the legacy where it is, each of them forming other projects or just getting out of the business altogether. It might not look like much, but it turns out that the one album was more enough to secure their legacy.

Even though it's fairly compact, these albums have become some of the classics of their respective genres, with hooks that have gone on to influence countless imitators going forward. If anything, just having the one record just makes you see the kind of potential these bands had and what they could have done if they made it to that second album. There's no shame if you end up making your first outing this well though. In this case, one album is really all you need.

10. The Seahorses

Towards the end of the '90s, the reign of Britpop was starting to take a bit of a dip in the charts. Even though we had bands like Oasis who were proud to fly the flag for the genre, Be Here Now was just around the corner, and bands like Radiohead were about to sound the death knell for the genre with OK Computer. Just before everything crashed out though, John Squire picked himself up after the Stone Roses and was reborn in The Seahorses.

Being a much more straight ahead rock outfit than the Roses, Do It Yourself is the definitive record for Squire's brand of chaotic guitar playing, with Chris Helm putting a folksy twist on the Britpop sound. While there are many songs on here that fit pretty comfortably in the Britpop realm, you also have tracks like Love is the Law, with a back half that's nothing but Squire giving a clinic on how to melt someone's face with just the power of a guitar.

Just like the Roses though, the magic behind the Seahorses would be short lived, as no one could get back on the same page after legendary performances at Knebworth. Once Squire succumbed to follow up syndrome by trying to perfect everything in the studio, every member went their separate ways, not willing to put up with asking for perfection every day. By the standards of Britpop though, this is the kind of album for the rock fan who wants a little bit more of a challenge whenever they play guitar.

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