10 Amazing Artists That Only Have One Album

9. The Postal Service

Halfway through the mid '00s, the rock scene was getting a lot more safe for the average pop fan to listen to. Along with the garage rock and pop punk that came to prominence at the start of the decade, the indie scene kids were losing their minds now over the likes of Owl City, who's songs sounded like they could have been made in a bedroom somewhere. And while those acts may have gotten the big bucks, The Postal Service beat them to the punch almost a decade earlier.

Being an offshoot of Death Cab For Cutie, Ben Gibbard broadened his musical horizons with the record Give Up, which had a lot more focus on the electronic elements of rock and roll than what his usual outfit was known for. If you listen to a song like Such Great Heights, it almost sounds like what a pop group would play if they had just heard Kid A by Radiohead.

Even with the lyrics changing things up a bit, the musical style is still as chipper as ever, to the point where they almost sound more suited to actually play in the background of a kids movie than an actual rock and roll band. Despite the beauty behind these songs, Gibbard has since committed to Death Cab in recent years and has said that he has no real interest in returning to The Postal Service any time soon.

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