10 Amazing Rock Bands That Almost Had The Wrong Members

Signs of What Could Have Been.

Krist Novoselic, left, and Dave Grohl, center, former members of the band Nirvana, pose with Butch Vig, producer of their landmark 1991 album
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As much as some might like to think it, there are very few bands that are dominated by one person. Even though some might like to play the diva onstage, it takes one piece from every band member to make the magic happen in the best of bands. And when one person feels off, it's going to need to be dealt with fairly quickly.

That's not to say any of the people on this list are bad players by any stretch. Quite the contrary in fact, since most of these musicians have gone down as legendary performers on their own merits. If they were to have made it work with these bands though, the entire history of rock may have gone down very differently, with the entire rock scene having to change on a dime.

Though we might have bits and pieces as to what these hybrid bands might have sounded like, it's probably for the best that rock and roll managed to take its course like it did, with these acts finding their calling with much better musicians in tow. Still, if you want a peak into what could have been, these are some good options as to what your favorite bands could have sounded like. Hell, there's probably an alternate universe where each of these bands actually exist.

10. Anton Fig - KISS

As KISS ventured further into the '70s, the circus atmosphere of their live show really started to creep into their personal lives. With Ace Frehley and Peter Criss really starting to burn the candle at both ends, things got out of hand to the point that the Catman was asked to leave the group. While the band ultimately made the right choice by bringing Eric Carr into the mix, they almost put in a call to the future late night crowd.

Before holding auditions for drummers, Frehley had suggested getting Anton Fig to be the next drummer of the band. It only made sense, since he was the drummer on some of the previous KISS albums when Peter's performances weren't quite cutting it anymore. At first, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons agreed, only for him to be turned down a few hours later after thinking that they should get a full member rather than just a hired gun.

There was no hard feelings between the members though, with Frehley eventually working with Anton on some of his solo material later down the road. It's not like Anton was necessarily hurting in terms of finding gigs either, getting the gig to be the resident drummer in David Letterman's house band just a few years after his fallout with the glam rockers. Then again, since most fans didn't recognize him drumming behind the scenes in the studio, maybe he could have made a nice Catman decoy if they needed one.

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