10 Amazing Rock Cover Songs You Haven't Heard Before

Rock's most overlooked tunes.

Wind Up

Rock is a core, pivotal genre of music that has enjoyed some of music's biggest pioneers of all time.

These innovators and game-changers built lasting legacies which then inspired dozens more to continue the tradition of making great music. The thought of where music would be without incredible, defining acts such as The Ramones, Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Black Sabbath, David Bowie, The Beatles and several others is truly alarming and distressing to consider.

A way in which some bands pay homage to their influences is by covering one (or sometimes more) of their songs, as a way to pay respect and acknowledge the inspiration they provided.

For underground bands, cover songs also work well in live settings because you know everyone will have at least one song to sing along to, even if they've never heard of you before. Bands such as Metallica even started their careers with cover song heavy set lists, paying tribute to the bands they looked up to such as Budgie and Diamond Head.

Of course, some covers get a lot more coverage than others in the same way some bands get a lot more coverage than others, so this article looks to highlight 10 of rock's most overlooked and under-appreciated cover songs.

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