10 Amazing Rock Songs That Are Ridiculously Short

9. Very Ape - Nirvana

Before you take the full deep dive on Nirvana's In Utero, keep in mind that this is not a fun listen by any stretch. The intense attention that Kurt Cobain got in the wake of Nevermind was making him more and more jaded with life at the top, and this practically serves as a gigantic cry for help with some of the harshest tracks that the band would ever make. Even when they were making the kind of artsy rock that they always wanted to make, the entire aesthetic behind Very Ape is a lot more tortured than anything they had done previously.

For most of the track, all that we're given is this push and pull from Cobain's guitar, which gets more and more piercing when it jumps up the octave. The whole track might seem to be going for more of a feeling than any actual depth, but the lyrics on here are actually a lot more sinister than you remember. While you have Kurt stringing together random phrases together for the breakdown, you can still hear that disaffected man who wrote Nevermind, like when he says to ask anyone else before coming to him with problems.

Before the song can even get off the ground though, the whole thing falls apart after the second chorus, almost like the volume got turned off in the middle of the song. If anything, this is probably the clearest indication of what Nirvana's career was like: completely chaotic while it lasted and yet too intense to last for very long.


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