10 Amazing Rock Songs That Artists Hated Recording

Chores That Became Classics.

alice in chains man in box

Not every song you write is going to be your masterpiece. Even if there's something that you think has some potential, you're not necessarily trying to reinvent the wheel every time you enter the recording studio. Sometimes if you're not careful, things can even get downright brutal when you enter those glass walls.

Out of all the songs on this list, the performers always had some sort of trouble translating what they wanted onto the tape. While some of them were spent chasing perfection, a lot of it comes down the emotional strength that was needed to even make these songs in the first place. You always put a part of yourself in your songs, and bearing your soul like that is always going to take something out of you along the way. That does not make you exempt from some of the physical stuff, and some of these entries ended up putting their blood, sweat, and tears into the recording quite literally when making all of these songs happen.

Then again, that's part of the magic that makes these songs so amazing to listen to again and again. You already have producers, musicians, and a million egos in a room together, and yet they're able to put everything to the side and create something that will live on longer than they will.

10. Man in the Box - Alice In Chains

When you're an up and coming band making your first record, you don't really have that much time to waste. If you're reaching for the gold, you're going to make sure nothing stands in your way of making some of the best music you can. No drama...no personal issues...and especially not a broken limb.

Around the time that Alice in Chains were making the record Facelift, they had already made some traction off of their demo album for We Die Young. The main event though had to be Man in the Box, and drummer Sean Kinney was out of commission...or so he thought. A few days before they were set to go into the studio, Kinney actually got into an accident and ended up breaking his hand, which was still in a cast once he showed up to record. When he saw that another session drummer was going to be brought in to play on the song though, Kinney wasn't going to be sidelined.

Taking off his cast against doctor's orders, Kinney blew through the recording of Facelift, with Man in the Box being the first song he did and being in a massive amount of pain through the song's length. The studio staff did at least give him some sort of compensation for his troubles, with a bag of ice being placed right beside the kick drum so he could nurse his wound after every song.

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