10 Amazing Rock Songs That Artists Hated Recording

9. Victim of Love - Eagles

From the sounds of the Eagles' playing live, it doesn't look like anything could come between their musical synergy. With the power of Don Henley's voice and some of the most amazing harmonies you would ever hear, this is the kind of music that made California sound so bright and optimistic back in the '70s. Behind the scenes though, things were a lot more cutthroat, and Victim of Love is where the real fangs started to come out.

When the band started tracking the songs for Hotel California, they knew that Victim was a strong enough song to get on the record. The only problem was that Don Felder put his foot down, saying that he wanted to sing the track or he didn't want it on the record. Bands have to compromise though, so Felder did end up singing it...that's just not the track that made the album.

Right after the band finished the recording of Felder's vocal track, their manager was actually instructed to take Felder out to dinner while Don Henley recorded his own vocals over the basic track that they had already laid down. This turned out to just be the beginning of the hostility in the band, eventually leading to the group breaking down after a benefit concert in Long Beach. For a group that was known for their warm sounds of sunshine, this kind of behavior is about as cold as they come.

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