10 Amazing Rock Songs That Got Banned

9. Radio Radio - Elvis Costello

Every good rock and roll artist had the fire lit inside them by what was happening on the radio. If you go back and listen to what the likes of the Beatles were talking about back in the seedy clubs of Liverpool, half of their time off the stage was spent in their room trying to decipher what was happening on Radio Luxembourg, who were playing acts like Chuck Berry and Little Richard. Radio had changed a lot since the '60s though, and Elvis' barb back at stuff like payola was so good that business didn't realize they were being mocked.

Coming out of the new wave punk scene, Radio Radio has enough hooks to be all over the radio in a matter of days, with Elvis actually talking about manipulative radio stations can be and how you are basically brainwashed into listening to the songs they want you to hear. While the radio stations were none too happy when they actually got the lyric sheet, the big guns came out when they decided to play SNL.

The band had been given strict rules not to play their big hit, but Elvis had other plans, getting more frustrated as the other song went on before apologizing to the audience and blasting into this song on the spot. This might not have been the best look for all of the sponsors that were paying for the event, but it did make for some pretty damn good television in the process.


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