10 Amazing Rock Songs Written For Movies

From Spotify to the Screen.


Musicians can really be inspired by anything. Whether it be having their heart broken, the loss of a family member, or just what they had for breakfast that morning, there's no limit as to where the traditional rock songwriter can go. However, it's not exactly out of the question to pull from the big screen either.

Ever since Elvis first emerged on the screen shaking his ass, rock and roll has always had some role in the movie world. Though plenty of artists have put their own faces in front of the camera, the real shining moments are when they actually stick to what they know best...the music. Instead of being some generic fodder to pump out in between albums, these are the songs that were given the real Hollywood treatment by their respective musicians. While they still sound like your favorite bands, you can tell they did their homework to immerse themselves in the world of the film.

From sappy ballads to meaty hard rock songs, these are the perfect soundtrack to every respective movie they are in. Are they over the top? Hell yes. Then again, when you are soundtracking a big budget blockbuster, it sometimes pays to go all out like this.

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