10 Amazing Songs By Terrible Artists

Jewels Among the Trash.

Chad Kroeger, left, and drummer Daniel Adair of Nickelback perform at MuchMusic in Toronto Thursday Oct. 13, 2005. (AP Photo/CP, Aaron Harris)

Not every band is necessarily the Beatles when they step into the studio. Hell, most people can just try to walk into the recording booth and hope for the best every time they put out a new album. As much as some bands can cough it up on record, there are always those few moments where they come out on top.

First of all, though, are all of these artists necessarily bad? Well...not necessarily. Everyone has their own taste, and some of these guys might be on your list of the greatest artists of all time. That being said, there's no denying the amount of hate that these artists receive, often for being too derivative of what came before or just talentless hacks who happened to find their way into the music industry.

Regardless of the trash talking though, these are those few occasions where you can't deny the chops they have, where everyone collectively does a double take and realizes the potential these guys actually possess. It may not have gotten them very far, but at least it got them to one good song. Even though it might all be diminishing returns from here, these are the few diamonds in the rough that are worth searching for.

10. Machinehead - Bush

Ok...so this one is probably the least offensive band of the bunch. After all, Bush was never really a terrible band...they just found themselves looking like a discount Nirvana from the minute they started. As much as something like Glycerine might seem a little bit dated nowadays, the crunch of Machinehead has still managed to keep its teeth after all these years.

That's not to say that the actual song is a masterpiece or anything, with most of the riffs being pretty stagnant throughout most of the record. Gavin Rossdale does sell it though, sounding like what Kurt Cobain might have sounded like if he were told that he was fronting a glam band instead of Nirvana. The distorted effects aren't too shabby either, sounding more robotic nowadays than they did upon first release.

Hell, even the heavy hitters of the grunge scene couldn't find too much to hate about this song. While most might have pled indifference, we still have Courtney Love proclaiming this as one of the greatest songs of the decade. Even though it's not advisable to trust Ms. Love at all times, this is still a nice little throwback jam that you can save for your '90s nights at the bar.

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