10 Amazing Songs By Terrible Artists

9. Walking on the Sun - Smash Mouth

Any goodwill that Smash Mouth had was pretty much snuffed out the minute that people started memeing All Star a while back. From that moment on, this was the doofy band from the '90s that would remain a punchline and a staple of the state fair circuit for years to come. If it was a different song that became a hit though, we could have been in for one of the weirder acts of the late '90s.

Granted, it's not like Walking on the Sun is exactly a masterpiece. The weird flow of the rhyme scheme doesn't always land the greatest punch and Steve Harwell's voice isn't Michael Jackson or anything, but it still feels like a free flowing good time whenever it comes on. Hell, it even has a sinister edge in the music, with a lot of the guitars sounding like they could have come off of a B-side from the Doors circa 1968.

Also, are we just going to forget how dismal the rock scene looked at this point in history? With grunge dying out and nu metal getting more angsty by the hour, it's nice to have at least one song that didn't have to be tortured to get on the air. Memes aside, this is still the one Smash Mouth song that most people can listen to without cringing too hard.

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