10 Amazing Songs Written Out Of Competition

Blink 182, Oasis, Green Day, David Bowie, Radiohead & More


When you're assembling a song, inspiration can come from all sorts of places. Over the years, there have been plenty of acts who write about things that could be stupid, profound, or even sarcastic all within the confines of a single song. Though many people can have a straightforward method to writing their song, it gets a little interesting when friendly competition starts to creep in.

Instead of using the typical verse chorus verse placeholders, these songs are more written in response to other songs. While some of these show up as the result of two in-band songwriters slogging it out, the interesting bits come from a more disconnected rivalry, with one artist writing a song to deliberately throw their colleagues off their game.

Why would you turn this artistic statement into a competition though? Well, this is done more often than not to break up the monotony between writing the same song over and over again, but there's a little something else to it. The idea of writing a song almost to assignment is a great way to get artists out of their comfort zone and try to write in either another style or a different creative mindset altogether. Either way, these songs become something totally different once you realize their inspiration.

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