10 Anticipated Rock Music Albums Coming Out In 2022

Everything we know so far...

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As we slowly recover from the hangover of the Coronavirus, life is becoming more genial by the day. Last year we saw a moderate return to normality, with the reopening of music venues and a scattering of music festivals. With the return of Glastonbury this year, after a two-year hiatus, we can expect the triumphant homecoming of that most treasured of musical periods: festival season.

Muddy fields, overpriced beer, heatstroke and mass singalongs - we've missed them all. It's only fitting then that we have a number of acclaimed groups, both old and new, set to release records just in time to get us sufficiently hyped for summer.

Although we're still waiting for the release dates of many of these records, they've all been confirmed for this year. There's been a wealth of singles dropped over the last few months, all befitting the calibre of the groups on this list.

If those tunes are anything to go by, 2022 is going to be a damn good year for rock music.

10. Jack White - Fear Of The Dawn & Entering Heaven Alive

Jack White might not have released an album since Boarding House Reach in 2018, but he's making up for the four-year gap by dropping not one, but two this year. The first is expected to come in April, the second sometime in July.

So far, we've been teased with three tracks, which exhibit the characteristics of the signature Jack White sound. Taking Me Back is a classic riff-driven number, with fuzzed-out guitar driving the song along. White also released a folk inspired version of the track entitled Taking Me Back (Gently). With some suitably jaunty fiddle work and a touch of honkytonk piano, the sound is less inline with White's garage rock tendencies and more inline with his country sensibilities. Less than two weeks ago, he dropped Love Is Selfish. It's another side of White we know well: an acoustic country ballad which hears him regales us with musings about troubled love.

White has revealed that he's exploring new territory with his current projects, but if these tracks are anything to go by, this is ground he's trodden before... , that's not to say it wont be enjoyable, however. Jack White has an instantly recognisable sound - much loved by rock fans. Even if it's more of the same, people will lap it up.


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