10 Anticipated Rock Music Albums Coming Out In 2022

9. Foals - TBA

It's been almost 15 years since Foals released their debut, Antidotes. In that time they've developed a distinctive style, blending dance rock, math rock and punk. The result has made them one of the most dance-inducing rock acts of the last 20 years. These guys know how to get a crowd moving; it's no wonder they're one of the UK festival circuit's more popular groups.

With festivals in short supply since the start of the pandemic, we've had scant opportunity to flounder around in muddy fields as Yannis Philippakis goads on the good times. This hasn't gone unnoticed by the group. Speaking to RadioX, Philippakis revealed the intention of their new music was to rejoice in "the re-emergence of the world". Referring to the new single, he said: "The song is for the dancefloor".

It's exactly what we can expect from the reining kings of dance rock. At this point they've perfected the formula for dance anthems; after the last few years, we wouldn't want them to change it. This is probably the time to start thinking about which festival you're going to splash your cash on - with a new album coming this year, Foals are sure to be doing the rounds.


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