10 Artists That Destroyed Their Own Album

One word and it all falls down.

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When going into the studio, it's almost expected that you put your best foot forward for your fans. While the live show can be a bit hit and miss depending on which day you are in the tour, you have the time and the temperament to actually go in the studio and wait until you have just the right take to fine tune everything. That is, if you're someone who actually cares about your album doing well.

As much as you can be proud of their work, there are just as many people willing to dunk on your albums for being nothing but trash. Though that can come from many different places, some of the greatest failures of them all have come at the expense of the band themselves, who made nearly every wrong decision when putting these albums together.

Does that mean the record itself is bad? No...at least not on principle. Some of these had the potential to actually be very good, until one of the artists put their foot in their mouth or just decided to make that one leap over the edge into forgettable territory. Even though it's expected for these albums to be at the very least decent, you sometimes have to tread carefully before actually talking about it.

10. Amory Wars - Coheed and Cambria

When Coheed and Cambria first started the Amory Wars, it seemed to have a lot of potential for their career trajectory going forward. After all, the band themselves had the prog chops to pull it off, so it couldn't hurt to see them tackle a full fledged concept for an album. Then it kept going and going and going....

Compared to the normal sequel albums that come from the likes of Meat Loaf or even prog contemporaries like Queensryche, Coheed and Cambria have basically made the blueprint on how to test the audience's patience with these albums. Aside from the decent playing on every one of the individual songs, Claudio Sanchez isn't really that good at tying his stories together, oftentimes fumbling around and building different worlds to make sure everything fits together nicely. Trust me, it gets real old when you have to put up with it for multiple different album cycles.

As if the lackluster story wasn't enough for just one experiment, Coheed have kept busy bringing the Amory Wars back in recent years, which have sent any fairweather fans this band had left aching for them to go back to their traditional prog roots. In a genre that should be all about lofty concept albums, even people like Rush and Pink Floyd would be telling you to tone this down a little bit.


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