10 Artists That Will Not Defend Their Own Albums

9. The La's - The La's

Nothing about Britpop was created in a vacuum. Even though bands like Oasis and Blur may have been at the right place at the right time when grunge died an ugly death and people needed a pick me up, acts like the Stone Roses were well on their way to becoming kings of the Manchester scene, having a retro sound that would go on to define what you would hear for the rest of the decade. If we're talking about the classics of Britpop though, all signs point back to the La's debut album, and Lee Mavers is not happy about that at all.

During the making of their first handful of singles, Mavers was already butting heads with his producer and A&R men about not getting the sound that he heard in his head. Going through take after take, it looked like Lee was chasing after some sort of perfection that wasn't there, including bonkers ideas like not plugging in with a yellow guitar cable or tuning to the hiss coming from the air conditioners.

After being given a due date by his label, what we got on this debut record was Mavers trying to half ass it and still ending up with a classic, from pop gems like There She Goes to the almost bluesy sounds in the background of I Can't Sleep. That closure was never going to Mavers though, always slagging off the album for sounding like trash and never releasing a new album under the La's name ever again.


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