10 Artists That Will Not Defend Their Own Albums

8. Their Satanic Majesties Request - The Rolling Stones

There's an ongoing joke among rock fans and even the bands themselves that the Rolling Stones' best moments in the '60s were coaxing off what the Beatles did. Nevermind the fact that one of their first singles was a cover of a Beatles song, every single artistic choice that they made since then seemed to be informed by where the Fab Four were going, from using a sitar on Paint It Black to making the kind of granny music that Paul McCartney would have been proud of on Between the Buttons. Mick Jagger did have his limits though, and dipping their toes into psychedelia was just a little bit over the line.

As the Summer of Love was starting to get more and more powerful over in San Francisco, the Stones saw Their Satanic Majesties Request as a bit of an answer to Sgt. Peppers, complete with some of the most sunshine-y songs they would ever write. Without the token appearance from Lennon and McCartney on the standalone single We Love You, Jagger is quick to call most of this record a load of rubbish, as if they were trying to win back some of the pop audience and falling on their face.

Despite Jagger's attitude though, this is actually a fairly strong outing from the Stones, having some futuristic tones on 2000 Light Years From Home and even getting a chipper sounding hit out of the deal with She's a Rainbow. It's not necessarily going to reach the same level as Sticky Fingers, but you can't knock points for at least being open to experiment.


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